Nyhavn ("new port") is a beautiful place in the heart of Copenhagen. The northern side has brightly painted townhouses, cafes and restaurants, and many times the colourful sight contrasts with the gloomy weather. This is a tourist classic location, whether to have drinks, take selfies or stroll alongside the water. There are sailboats parked on each side of the dock. I went on at least three Nettobådene canal tours it is the perfect plan on a sunny day. They have regular outings and some very funny guides, the tours last one hour and cost 40 dkk (adults) pretty cheap for Danish standards.
The reflection of the townhouses on the water looks like a watercolour painting. Aguarela

I love to draw this iconic place if you couldn't tell. I'll Never Grow Up is my drawing instagram :) 
Nyhavn ("novo porto") é um sítio lindo no coração de Copenhaga. O lado norte tem casas, cafés e restaurantes pintados com cores vivas. Muitas vezes esta visão colorida contrasta com …

Things I did to be more Danish

The language Over the summer, before I even got to Denmark, I obsessed with learning the language. I used Duolingo, only the greatest app ever and it's completely free. It was so much fun, most of the vocabulary I retained was of numbers (en, to, tre, fire, fem, seks, syv, otte, ni, ti..!), dyr (animals), mad (food) and then, small sentences or key words.
Hej (hello)
Hej hej (good bye)
Jeg elsker dig (I love you)
Fred (peace)
Velbekomme (well you will become - like good appetite say before a meal)
Tak for ___ (thank you for) - It is always polite to thank someone for whatever they are giving you like mad (food) or kage (cake)
Jeg snakker ikke dansk.. Jeg taler en smule! (I dont speak danish.. i speak a little bit!)
Kor (choir) I love to sing so I was very exited to join the university choir! At my first rehearsal, they had a name tag for me. Peter, the maestro, hugs everyone and cheers for new members, it was a very warm welcome. I made so many friends and it made my Erasmus experience ex…


The Faroe Islands are a place of unique beauty and raw nature. Green, yellow and dark patches immersed in the infinite Ocean. The mountains touch the clouds with their snowy peaks.
Vagár | When arriving at the airport, before you head on to Tórshavn or wherever, why not first explore Vagár Island. To the east lies the largest lake in the Islands, Sørvágsvatn, falling into the Atlantic ocean through a waterfall, Bøsdalafossur. To the west a nice little town called Sórvagur with a beach. The weather in the Faroe's is very unpredictable and you can expect four seasons in one day. It was extremely foggy when I first arrived and a rainbow emerged from the mist.

I walked to the beach at Sórvagur, the island is filled with green mosses that find themselves covered in dewdrops many times. On the dark volcanic sand lay giant razor shells, long sponges and whelk eggs, treasures brought by the ocean. Spring time has just begun and the seabirds gather in couples, sing and chase each other in f…

Berlin Part I + II

I like Berlin, it is a very big city with lots to do and see. I have been so lucky to visit twice, in Winter (January) and Spring (April), both short trips. One of my best friends for the past nine years, my Little Potato Pipa is doing her master thesis there. She is a biologist just like me and is studying probiotics and cool bacteria in fish to make aquaculture better and ultimately save the world.
Berlin's history shows everywhere, wall remains, memorials, museums.. 
My Berlin travel in pictures

Hyggelig Cafés in CPH

Mormors (Granny's) is the sweetest little coffee shop, with a cosy atmosphere, delicious danish pastries and sandwiches. It is very close to the Amalienborg royal residence, at Bredgade 45. The decoration style is the best: floral wallpapers, vintage objects and bibelots, from dollies to tins, tea sets, porcelain figurines.. oh yes.. and ever so weirdly naked dolls literally hanged from the ceiling. The music playing is danish and cheerful and they add little danish flags to your kage. The tableware is old fashioned and granny like and you can sit down at a table, couch or at the counter. It is a mix of kitsch and cute and I love it!

Bastard Café

Bastard Café is one of my favourite hang out places in Copenhagen (Rådhusstræde 13). It is a giant library of wonderful boardgames where you can relax with your friends while drinking a nice hot cocoa or eating fries. There is plenty of space but it is always full, so better get there early and look out for those seats. My personal …